Audible matter

Ever wondered what is going on inside your ipod? Somebody has finally made a film about it, available at the Softmachines Blog.

I have to admit I am still travelling around with my several decades old walkman (yes, I even missed out on CD walkmen and minidisk players) which also has radio and uses incredibly little (rechargeable) battery power. The only thing it is missing is the record button my old walkman had! What I also like about it is when you get it out to change your tape over, any people around you – especially chidren who may never have seen a tape recorder – look at you as if you were a time traveller (go on – try it out!).

Another place to listen to configurations of matter is at the Bluemorph installation

(mind those scary noises about to come through your speakers) by Victoria Vesna and James Gimzewski. There, you can listen to the ‘cellular changes’ which happen during a butterfly metamorphosis. According to the project website:

‘Sounds of metamorphosis are not gradual or even that pleasant as we would imagine it. Rather the cellular transformation happens in sudden surges that are broken up with stillness and silence. ‘

Who ever thought a metamorphosis was pleasant? ;)


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