Animated Plasticine at The Oxford Trust

From ‘Your G & M’

As I found out I am not the only person offering people plasticine activities around the links between our scale and smaller scales. The Oxford Trust has just uploaded the results of their ‘Digital Discovery’ workshops on their website, and quite a few of those are plasticine animations! The focus of these animations are the ‘social, ethical and personal issues that arise out of biomedical science research’.

A few weeks ago, I had actually contacted The Oxford Trust about running Mutable Matter sessions in conjunction with one of their events. Now I wonder whether they must have thought: ‘more plasticine???’ Nevertheless, they recommended the Milton Keynes Science Festival (please note that the website will be updated only a few months before the 2008 festival) to me, which seems to feature some friendly OU scientists already. So this is probably where the last Mutable Matter pilot sessions will take place! Announcements for all the sessions around it will be made as soon as I have dealt with all the red tape involved!


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