Call for Open University Participants

From 11 August onwards, Mutable Matter is touring Open University Regional Centres in the UK and Ireland. Whether you’re an OU novice, OU tutor, OU veteran – you’re all welcome! You don’t have to know anything about new technologies, science or geography – just be open and curious. If you can spare 30-60 minutes for a discussion as well as working with different kinds of (mostly craft) materials and/or want to know why on Earth geographers are interested in atoms, please contact me through this blog or the OU First Class (e.g. the Social Sciences Cafe). Drinks and snacks are on me!

Sessions will be running from 11 August until the end of October and will take place according to demand. I’m trying to put the dates so that participants don’t have to come in especially for the project, but can take part before or after their tutorials or while they are in the area.

If anyone else (non-Open University) would like to participate or host the project anywhere in the UK and Ireland, please contact me, too!

3 thoughts on “Call for Open University Participants

  1. ‘The Universe his secret knows – could Echo keep his secret close? This mystery each Atom tells – No need have I to utter spells’ This is part of a poem by the famous Sufi poet IbnArabi (1165) So for all these centuries we still seek answers concerning Atoms. ‘Man in virtue of his essence is the cosmic thought, assuming flesh and connecting ABSOLUTE being with the world of (‘material’)Ibn Arabi Muslim Sufi poet. All that is created is created out of our gifts and this was your gift on Atoms for me to reply, as I have very little science based knowledge. I liked your article though,as it made me pause for thought!
    Best wishes

  2. I left a message in the Social Sciences Cafe with my e-mail address. But it’s also in the Contact section of this website. I’m currently visiting family, so I will contact you as soon as I am back! :)

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