Bob Verschueren – Elemental Creativity & Vegetable Atoms

copyright: Bob Verschueren

When I went to the Atomium, I came across a catalogue by the artist Bob Verschueren entitled ‘Atomes de Verdure’ (translated as ‘Atoms of Greenery’). Because I did not have enough euros left, I couldn’t buy it. What I remember was that different sets of installations were shown from 2002-2004 in the ‘forgotten’ (= unused) Atomium sphere. This prompted me to have a look at some of the other work that Bob Verschueren has done. It was quite hard to get hold of any information, let alone a book, but in the end I found a monograph in a second hand shop in Germany (another one should have come out in March, but I haven’t come across it yet).

As far as I can tell, in 1986, Bob Verschueren took part in a group exhibition called ‘Matières non assemblées’ (unassembled matter/materials), which seemed to be a fitting title for someone who makes windpaintings and ‘vegetable installations’ and sees nature as a ‘paintbrush and ally’. Like many artist, Verschueren is interested in transformation. One theme that I particularly liked was that of household waste – where fruit, vegetables and other materials pass ‘from being nature to being dirt’. I also liked how the artist gives over or shares creative direction with the ‘elements’. I guess that quite a number of artists feel this creative impact from supposedly inanimate matter, but emphasise it less in the final artwork.

If anybody has more (recent) information on Bob Verschueren or has any complaints about my description of him or his work, please leave a comment!


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