Life: From the Earth to the Galaxy @ OU

Cartoon artist: Vincent Paneccasio

Just a quick announcement for readers who also happen to share my addiction of listening to BBC4’s Material World: The Open University is hosting (as part of their Inaugural Lecture Series) four presentations by CEPSAR scientists on detecting life beyond earth. CEPSAR is what some geographers like to call ‘the other space centre on campus’ (Geography’s centre is called ‘Open Space’, CEPSAR stands for ‘Centre for Earth, Planetary, Space & Astronomical Research’). The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion led by the Material World’s Quentin Cooper.
The event will take place in the Berrill Lecture Theatre at Walton Hall on Monday 17 November, at the appropriately cryptic hour of 2.25pm… (turn up from 2pm for tea & coffee).

If you cannot make it in person, there will most likely be a recording for you to watch on the net about a week later. Here is the link to the Berrill Stadium webcasts site.


One thought on “Life: From the Earth to the Galaxy @ OU

  1. it was very difficult for to believe that such exist in the world of wonders.
    be that as it may i tend to wonder on few things that ponder my mind which i would like to ask:
    what kind of food do they feed on is it in the carnivorious way of otherwise?
    have they ever been to african countries in anyway and which country did these strange beings landed when they appear?
    i believe they are real cos i am one of those aliens believers form biblical perspectives those strange beings existed before the creation of mankind into the earth.And these personalities who had been living in the earth are GOD’S creatures.
    however in the long run there was conflict between the creatures and GODS.
    and god wiped them away and i believe that not all of them that left for the earth some had other place of abodewhich i am still understudying as a student.My explanation has many biblical proof which has strong backings countless are they and numerous pple wihtout legs but fish tails and others without hands but feathers that makes me believe that there is other life on the earth surface making them strange to the entire world.
    if u care to learn more about the proof of these u can mail me from : or call

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