Mutable Matter says…

… to all workshop participants! You have been of great help – and hopefully, you enjoyed the workshops, too! Last night, the last workshop took place at the Open University in Camden, London, just a few hours before my birthday. This is officially the end of this part of my fieldwork and the occasion (as well as the ‘other’ occasion) will be celebrated with an educational plasticine, magnets, polystyrene & goo sculpting fest this coming Friday.

What happens now? I am going to spend lots of time thinking & writing – and I will, of course, continue writing this blog. I will also share some of the experiences at the Material Geographies Workshop as well as this year’s AAG conference. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to post some of the outcomes until the end of the project, but until then, I hope I can use this space for further musings on project developments and matter – and you’re always welcome to post yours, too! Also, if you have any thoughts or questions, please get in touch with me!

Again, thank you for all your support!

Angela :)


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