Events – Society, Technology and the City

image source: AAM arts list

There are some more events coming up which may be of interest to some readers: the first one is Futuresonic a popular ‘art, music and ideas festival’ under the banner of ‘society, technology and the city’. I’ve always wanted to go or participate in this festival since it started five years ago, but have never managed to so far. Futuresonic is part conference, part exposure to different kinds of artistic interpretations of the theme, and you can join activities from ‘biotagging Manchester’ to touching the stars. The focus is heavily on Climate Change and environment-technology interactions with artworks such as Eva Meyer-Keller’s ‘Handmade’ or Fujiko Nakaya’s Fog Sculptures.
The programme is too manifold to describe, after all, they boast ‘300 artists and 100 events across 30 venues’, but you can download a festival brochure here to experience the full information overload!

German-speakers (although some lectures are also in English) might be interested in the latest event by the Chaos Computer Club e.V. – ‘SIGINT’. According to their website, SigInt
stands for ‘eavesdropping activities of the secret service (signals intelligence), but also for an event which interrupts a routine programme/process (signal interrupt)’.  The themes for the three days are: the somewhat expected Control and Surveillance and Bugs, Pranks and Insecurities; and the boldly titled The Future of Everything. Lectures have delightfully idiosyncratic titles such as ‘There is no spoon? Then go and print one out – How the internet, open source and fabbing are making everyone a maker’, ‘ Dancing: Direct Action in Disguise – New Strategies for Street Protest’ or ‘Yes we can! Yes we will! – Free Software for a new society’.

If you know of any other interesting events, please leave some links and descriptions in the comments! :)


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