Mutable Matter goes East

Source: Miraikan

I have taken my first ‘proper’ annual leave in five years to go on a two-week tour with my band in Japan. Brian May themed jokes from my supervisors abound. Why am I writing about this on my blog? Because I am hoping to see Tokyo’s Miraikan, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in between gigs and soundchecks (fingers crossed!). I became aware of this museum through my research on nanotechnology. The particular parts that interest me about the museum is the ‘Designing the Future’ exhibit as well as the ‘community’ areas that give visitors an opportunity to listen to other people’s opinions and voice their own. The museum is also famous for its vivid displays on robots and artificial intelligence – I’ve even heard rumours that they have got robot guides! Currently, one of the Miraikan’s two special exhibitions is based upon the science behind the new Terminator film. The museum also offers hands-on experimental workshops as well as intriguing films about space elevators and our connection to the universe!


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