The Cloud Project – Creating dialogue about nanotechnologies through ice cream clouds

My thesis-writing related cabin fever got briefly interrupted today through a message from a friend (thanks, Richard!) who pointed out this exciting project to me: making ice cream clouds with the flavour of your choice to start conversations about nanotechnology!

The ice cream clouds are manufactured within a blue ice cream van, complete with ‘mind that nano particle’ signage. And you thought my plasticine idea was weird!

Source: The Cloud Project

According to the website, the van currently resides at the RCA itself, so go check it out and chose your personal dialogue flavour. There are some connected events, too, such as talks by nano artists and scientists. If you cannot make it, the project website has some photographs and lots of information around the project.

Here is a ‘taster’:

“Developments in nanotechnology and planetary-scale engineering point to new possibilities for us to conform the global environment to our needs. These advances combined with a dream to make clouds snow ice cream have inspired a series of experiments that look at ways to alter the composition of clouds to make new and delicious sensory experiences. Using ice-cream as a catalyst for interesting dialogue, the project’s focus is to welcome people into a mobile space that sits outside institutions, letting new audiences experience and imagine emerging scientific developments and their consequences.”


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