Oslo Cyclotron Sounds

Photo: Leon Muraglia

Four of my friends went to the Cyclotron in Oslo last Friday to attend a concert based on the research that is happening there. I managed to find the webpage for the event, but it’s in Norwegian (you might want to try the web translation). Apparently, the event was quite busy – I assume because it was both because of the music/cyclotron as well as the cheap beer – and had some interesting dynamics between people.

Photo: Leon Muraglia

As far as I can tell from my friend’s report as well as the webpage, the music was preceded by a tour of the cyclotron by a physicist. My friends seemed to like his style and the explanations he gave about physics relationship with with ‘Science’ and politics. As for the music, taped sounds from the cyclotron were used as well as liquid nitrogen (e.g. inside a loudspeaker), superconductors and a guitar. It was an experiment, so some things worked better than others, but generally, people appreciated the effort. Later in the evening, some students apparently started booing. One of my friends was explained that it had to do with a tension between the science and the humanities (?) department. Apparently, some science students wanted their space back or did not want intrusion by crazy music people – or maybe just wanted to have a quiet beer? Sounds like I missed some of this mythical art-science/two-cultures opposition business in the wild – damn! Does anybody have more information on this?


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