The Bubbles of Radio / Fictional Radio Spaces

‘The Bubbles of Radio’ is an exciting project about imagining and visualising radiowaves (thanks, Gro, for telling me about it!). Originally presented in 2007 as part of a design interaction course, it is now shown at the Telemuseum in Oslo. The exhibition features experimental visualisations of electromagnetic fields, which are intended to provide ‘many opportunities to discuss and reflect on these intangible technologies. There are interesting parallels to the Mutable Matter project. For instance, the emphasis of ‘Bubbles of Radio’ to offer ‘a playful cue to reflect and consider radio as something tangible and physical to be experienced by other senses’. Soon, the museum will also offer Mutable Matter style interactions during which visitors can contribute and discuss their own visions of ‘radio’. So, if you’re within travelling distance to the Telemuseum, make sure you get yourself down there! If not, check out the fascinating project blog.

One thought on “The Bubbles of Radio / Fictional Radio Spaces

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