Into Eternity & Robinson in Ruins showing in London

Image source: ICA

If it wasn’t for the super/collider, I would have missed this amazing opportunity to get a peek into the Onkalo (Nucluear) Waste Repository, where engineers are facing the challenge to design a structure that is supposed to last for approximately 100,000 years. The film, fittingly titled ‘Into Eternity’, is currently showing at the ICA in London. I should be well enough soon to leave the house & report back! Maybe see you at one of the screenings?

Equally fittingly, my copy of the Arts Catalyst’s ‘Atomic’ has also just arrived through the post, so it will be interesting to put the two into dialogue with each other.

Image source: BFI

Another interesting film I am going to see this weekend is ‘Robinson in Ruins’. I came across this film through Doreen Massey’s (Open University Geography) involvement in it. Not knowing that much about film apart from scifi films and TV documentaries, I haven’t quite yet understood what this offering is about, but the announcement that it is about ‘sites of scientific and historical interest’ in and around Oxford narrated ‘in the style of Daniel Defoe’s Diaries’ made me curious. The obvious excitement of a film buff friend also proved very infectious. The film is currently showing at the BFI and the Renoir in London. You can watch the trailer here.

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