Quote of the week

Image source: Stanford University

As part of my research for my article on Bakhtin & materiality, I once again end up reading the work of Michel Serres (particularly the book ‘L’Incandescent’, which has unfortunately not been translated into English yet). I never seem to be able to write about Bakhtin without also writing about Serres. More about this in the near future… In the meantime, a quote from a 2003 Serres interview, which is timely in many ways…

‘A philosopher has to make three journeys: the first one is encyclopedic, the second encompasses the world (a philosopher who refuses to look at the oceans, the poles and the equator ignores the world!). The third takes places amongst humans… This third journey is two-fold: one has to have friends everywhere, be in dialogue with everyone, and it is necessary to travel to the heart of the diverse social groups. In my opinion, one gets a better impression of society from the bottom than from the top (from the top, one sees nothing but skulls [ crânes ]).’


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