La science (n’)e(s)t (pas) l’art – The latest on the art-science debate

Again, this is of interest to French-speakers. I will try to get hold of the book as soon as possible to write a summary for this blog. ‘La science (n’)e(s)t (pas) l’art’, the latest book by physicist/philosopher Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond, is currently causing some emotional debates on the art-science scene. Particulary amongst the editors and readers of the journal ‘Leonardo’, the book has caused quite a stir. An example is Leonardo editor Roger Malina’s rebuttal on his blog. A review in the same journal suggests that the tension between the vision of art-science advocated by Leonardo and Lévy-Leblond’s vision should be taken as a productive one. I am curious how this debate will develop…
I am also curious to read Lévy-Leblond’s views on art, as I am mainly familiar with his views on public engagement with science (e.g. his excellent article on expertise ingeniously titled ‘About misunderstandings about misunderstandings’).

In the meantime, here is some online material by/on Lévy-Leblond in English:
Interview: Science and the world, art and the ego
Article: Two cultures or none?


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