Event: Futur en Seine – Publics as Innovators

Just a quick note to say that next week, I’ll be at the ‘Futur En Seine’ festival, at least for one day… According to the organisers, it is…

‘…THE popular Festival of Life and Creativity, where the general public meets the innovative creative industries to imagine, build and celebrate the digital future together!’

It apparently ‘allows everyone – whether curious, passionate, amateur or professional – to share one, common experience: to test new technology in situ and to create together the digital future around five central themes: The Future of Life, the Future of Music and Image, the Future of Creation, the Future of Communications and the Future of the City’.

Well then, there is lots to do! Talking of some more specific things to do:

On the 20 June 2011, there will be a discussion on ‘The Future of Life’, which will focus on the

‘human potential within the “brave new worlds” of the digital future. 
Whether in the areas of health, education, or e-democracy, the emphasis must be placed firmly on the potential of digital tools to increase inclusion, communication, the knowledge sharing process, social and physical awareness and well-being, and the right of inclusion in the democratic process.’

On the 22 June 2011, I am planning on attending the somewhat misleadingly titled ‘Future of Creation’ event. It does not seem to revolve around the Darwin vs Intelligent Design debate, but rather on ‘new forms of ‘co-creation”, particularly the democratisation of innovation processes.

The festival takes place from 17-26 June 2011 in and around Paris.

Will report back!


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