Event: London incorporated: the body and the city

Image source: King’s College

As part of King’s College’s Festival of Materials & Making, the Institute of Making is hosting an event entitled London incorporated: the body and the city on the 9 November 2011.

The description on the website reads:
‘85% of the human body is replenished every month. Only about 10% of the material in a human body carries human DNA. We are not stable bounded beings but permeable, dynamic superorganisms, composed of diverse materials including other living things. We live in continuous exchange with our material environment. Through diverse process of metabolism and incorporation – including eating, drinking, breathing, infection, radiation and movement – the world we live in becomes part of us and we in turn shape it.
This evening’s talk series aims to explore the ways in which the materials of London are incorporated into the bodies of Londoners, be it through foodstuffs, commodities, organisms, water or air masses.’

I have been given two different times for this event, 6-9 pm and 6:30-8:30 pm respectively, so I guess turning up around 6pm is a good idea. If you are not attending the National Demonstration against the Privatisation of Education, you could also come much earlier & explore the various other events on campus, such as the Intelligent Trouble intervention. Otherwise, feel free to explore things on the other days of the festival, which runs from 7-11 November 2011


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