Geography Podcasts/Sounds Like Detroit

While uploading my Sounds Like Detroit podcast, I also created an open Soundcloud group called Geography Podcasts. This imaginatively titled group seeks to function as a resource and discussion platform, to to share and bring together geographically informed sound work, including landscape recordings, lectures, commentary, educational programmes, fiction, experimental pieces. Please share, if you know any sonically minded geographers.

The first track on there is my Sounds Like Detroit podcast for the Imaging Detroit project:

For those who are more on the visually attentive side, the film version of Sounds Like Detroit can be found here:

Sounds Like Detroit from MutableMatter on Vimeo.

(for some reason this low res version has a glitch in the end titles that the hi res version doesn’t…)

Here is the blurb from the Imaging Detroit programme:

Sounds Like Detroit operates at two levels. Playing with the visual and musical representation of Detroit, it asks: what is generic and what is unique about Detroit? Does its uniqueness perhaps lie in its ability to reflect back the commonalities people want to see? What is the ‘spirit of Detroit’ and can it be present in other places?’

For more information on the project, please visit


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