Low Carbon Gangnam Style

Thanks to Coco from King’s College Geography MA for bringing the video to my attention.

Directed by Sustainable John @sustainablejohn (twitter) @罗大翰 (weibo)
Producer: An Na; Editor: Sustainable John; Lyrics: Sustainable John; Choreography: Yu Fei; Filming: Tim Quijano; An Na, Zhang Yuchen; Green PSY: George Ding; Dancers: Liu Dan, Guan Fei, Wang Zhuqing, Sustainable John

Sound: Busy Bee Studios, Beijing

My low carbon style
I live in a big city, but I’m thinking of the planet
A low carbon life, and all my green friends
These ladies and gents wanna spread environmental protection
Walk every green road

It’s low carbon style, every day take the bus, walk, and bike
It’s energy saving style, turn off the lights, use less AC
It’s green style, less meat, more veggies, both green and healthy
It’s low carbon style, have you gone low carbon?

Yesterday, I rode my bike, with a lady on the back,
Enjoying it together, who wouldn’t want to?
We gotta protect the environment, our planet, a green life
All my brothers and sisters, come follow me
My low carbon style
We’re all low carbon

My country is paying more attention to climate change
It’s put low carbon concepts in its 12th five year plan
What should we do to help? You and me?
Low carbon life is for future generations

That’s low carbon, imitating grandma with your public transit card
That’s energy saving, looking at energy labels and only buying No 1 products
That’s going green, you always got your chopsticks and reusable bags
That’s low carbon, have you gone low carbon?

I saw a man driving, he looked down on me, he said to me: “Can’t touch me”
This concept, I’m gonna break it, for the planet, for you and me
Can you please come over here and…
Rub my bicycle?
Yeah rub my bicycle.
Public transit is where it’s at.

My brain is a public transit map
I don’t need plastic bags, I just grab that yam
Whoever’s greenest, I’m gonna tap that ass
Hope every country will follow the green path
Let’s go!

We’re all low carbon!


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