Art, ecology and science events @ UAL

Two more events at the University of the Arts London that might be of interest to readers:

Raphael Jay Adjani | Towards a Deep Ecology of Art, Technology and Being


Open Lecture

Date: Wednesday 22 May 2013, 17:15 to 19:00
Location: Lecture Theatre, Chelsea College of ARt

‘In this talk artist and academic Raphael Jay Adjani, discusses the concept of ‘relational being’, a core idea in deep ecology, as well as in other branches of science, certain philosophic thinking, as well in diverse practices in art, architecture and design.

Raphael has been exploring this concept and related ideas, such as notions of ‘zero’, ‘void’, space-time’ and ‘emptiness’, through his art practice as well as in academic publication.

His has been an inter-disciplinary research, drawing on a history of ideas that span different historical periods, cultures, and academic fields of enquiry.

In this talk he will show two of his film works that engage with relational being.’

For more information, please visit the TrAIN website.


The second event is the IN TRANSIT MA Interim Show at the V22 workspace (Bermondsey):



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