Aimé Césaire & Society in the Anthropocene

This is just my luck: I am writing/researching for an article on the Anthropocene that looks at the work of the Négritude movement, and – bang! – two conferences, one on each of the topics, arrive at once, unfortunately on the same day! Incidentally, they also share the same (affordable!) price tag… Here are the invitations for both conferences, in case some of you would like to go to either of them:

Conference 1, is taking place at the Institut Français on 24 June 2013 and focuses on the poet Aimé Césaire (1913-2008). Here is some info, kindly forwarded by Ben Pritchett:


Confirmed speakers include: Professors Richard and Sally Price (College of William and Mary, Virginia), Charles Forsdick (Liverpool), Roger Little (Trinity College, Dublin), Romuald Fonkoua (Sorbonne, Paris).

Advance Registration required by 17 June 2013.
More information here.


Conference 2, entitled ‘Society in the Anthropocene’, is taking place at the University of Bristol on 24 and 25 June 2013.


The draft programme can be downloaded here.

Postscript: Recordings of the Bristol conference can be found here.


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