‘A Season in the Congo’ @ The Young Vic


Yesterday, I went to see a performance of Aimé Césaire’s ‘A season in the Congo’. The production at the Young Vic stands out for its inventiveness and connection to (still, sadly) contemporary events. As director Joe Wright writes:

This play is not about race, it is not about racism or even colonialism as we imagine it, something of the past dressed in white linen; it’s about how the injustices of the past have shaped the injustices of the present, how economic colonialism is still being perpetrated today by a different cast of politicians, nations and corporations. The DRC’s curse is not its poverty but its wealth.

The performance makes clear that this is not only Congo’s problem, with strong resonance to events in Afghanistan, Iraq, but also within ‘Western’ countries.

Sadly, there are only four performances left: Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, and Saturday afternoon. Despite its extended run, the play quickly sold out. However, you can queue for returns (the chances are quite good if you arrive early).


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