Update: Postdoc at Glasgow & Reviews


Apologies for the long break. I have just started a post(doc) at the University of Glasgow to work on feminist geopolitics. The Geography department is organising a big conference on the topic next year, so you will be able to join the debate. In case you wondered, the conference will feature lots of discussions around materiality – I will be posting the CFP in the next few weeks.

Further, I have been blogging ‘abroad’ again – most recently, on the blog of the Historical Geography Reading Group at Glasgow, where you can see a summary of our last reading meeting on Foucault and the Black Panthers. On that note I have to mention Angela Y. Davis’ talk at London’s Southbank Centre this Sunday (Queen Elizabeth Hall, 6.30-7.30 pm), which she will give as part of the 1960s weekend.

She also gave a lecture this Friday (free to attend, but booked up very quickly), entitled ‘Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Closures and Continuities’, at the Birkbeck Law School (moved to the Institute of Education). Respondent was lawyer and activist Michael Mansfield. The video of the talk will be posted on the Birkbeck website soon – audio is already up!


Also, I have written a review of Monique Allewaert’s book Ariel’s Ecology for Society & Space (the Environment & Planning D blog). It will shortly be followed with a short interview. In this context, I will  be speaking at the Caribbean Literature and Space seminar in Sheffield on 8 November.


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