Glasgow Geography ESRC PhD Studentships


The SCHOOL OF GEOGRAPHICAL AND EARTH SCIENCES at the UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW welcomes applications for ESRC PhD studentships for 2014/15.

As part of the Human Geography Pathway of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science (SAS), the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences (GES), University of Glasgow, invites applications for the following studentship awards:

‘Pathway’ studentships – the Pathway has SIX studentships to award (Deadline for applications to Glasgow: Thursday 6th February 2014; selected applicants to be registered with SAS by 21st February; interviews on 25th March, all those shortlisted must attend interview). Studentships are available as ‘1+3’ and ‘+3’ awards.

‘Open’ studentships – up to TEN studentships available in SGS. Any applicant who is unsuccessful in the ‘Pathway’ studentships competition, but who passes a quality threshold, will be entered into the Open competition. Studentships are available as ‘1+3’ and ‘+3’ awards.

‘Collaborative’ studentships – up to NINE studentships available in SGS. Projects to be developed with an academic at Glasgow, and a partner in the private, public or third sector (Deadline: 10th February).

*We also encourage applications to interdisciplinary pathways in the SGS:
Families, Relationships and Demographic Change; Environment, Climate Change and Energy; Health; and Advanced Quantitative Methods.

In particular, GES welcome applications in the following research areas:

• Geographic Thought and Practice
• Experimental Methodologies and Geographies
• Political Geographies and Militarism
• Political Cultures of Internationalism
• Historical Geographies of Labour and Resistance
• Translocal Movements
• Critical (Subaltern and Feminist) Geopolitics
• Urban Neoliberalism and its Contestations
• Global Urbanism in Comparative Perspective
• Emotional and Embodied Geographies
• Mental Health and Illness
• Environmental Health and Development
• Environmental Change and Climate Justice
• Social Geographies of the Natural Sciences
• Geographies of Children and Childhoods
• Historical-Cultural Geographies of Landscape
• Animal Geographies and More-than-Human Geographies
• Questioning Scottish Heritage

Specific details of research in the School of GES are available at:

Any initial inquiries should be addressed to: Professor Deborah Dixon (Pathway Representative)

For further information and details of application process:


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