Art PhD Studentship Opportunities

Volcano National Geology Park-3

Rona Lee from Northumbria University has been advertising for art PhD studentships, so am passing them on, in case of interest. Some of them have an art-science, art-geography and art-philosophy theme:

Imaging & Imagining Fundamental Science
Principal Supervisor: Fiona Crisp, Reader in Fine Art.

‘Meeting Place’ Practice performed across the disciplines
Principal Supervisor: Christine Borland, BALTIC Professor.

Abstract Geology – Critically Engaged Fine Art Practices of the post human within a new geologic era
Principal Supervisor: Dr Rona Lee, Professor of Fine Art.

Curatorial approaches, activities and attitudes within the practice of contemporary art
Principal Supervisor: Dr Joanne Tatham, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art

Improvisatory action: the unpredictable and the unforeseen in site-responsive performance art.
Principal Supervisor: Dr Sandra Johnston, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art

Performing Philosophy/Philosophising Performance
Principal Supervisor: Dr Cormac Power, Senior Lecturer in Performing Arts

Models of Meaning and Practice: Synergies Between Paper Conservation and Contemporary Fine Art
Principal Supervisor: Dr Jane Colbourne, Senior Lecturer in Conservation


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