Feminist Geophilosophy at AAG Chicago


Here is the programme for the Feminist Geophilosophy sessions at the AAG (Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting) 2015 in Chicago. Two presenters sadly had to drop out, so this is the revised running order.

Big thank you to everyone who submitted an abstract in response to our call. Originally we were going to only have two panels, but we received enough abstracts to discuss geophilosophy for two days (!). In the end we went for four panels, so sincere apologies to anyone who could not be included this time.

All sessions are taking place in Michigan A, Hyatt, East Tower, Ped Path. We hope to see you there!

Session 1 (10:00 AM – 11:40 AM)

Chair: Angela Last, University of Glasgow

10:00 AM   Author(s): *Kathryn Yusoff – Queen Mary University of London, *Mary E. Thomas – Ohio State University

Abstract Title: Shaft: the geophilosophies of extraction

10:10 AM   Author(s): *Kai A. Bosworth – University of Minnesota – Minneapolis

Abstract Title: Knowing porous matter: hydrogeology, extraction and the subterranean body politic

10:30 AM   Author(s): *Sarah De Leeuw – University of Northern British Columbia

Abstract Title: Eros and Geophilosophy: Some Poetic Reflections

10:50 AM   Author(s): *Nigel Clark – Lancaster University

Abstract Title: Feminist Pyrotectonics

11:10 AM   Author(s): *Bruce Braun – University of Minnesota, *Jessica Lehmann – University of Minnesota

Abstract Title: Extractive anxieties: sex panics and American energy production

Session 2 (1:20 PM – 3:00 PM)

Chair: Kathryn Yusoff, Queen Mary University of London

1:20 PM   Author(s): *Ame Kanngieser – Goldsmiths College University of London

Abstract Title: Listening to the Anthropocene

1:40 PM   Author(s):

*Angela Last – University of Glasgow

Abstract Title: Re-reading Worldliness: Hannah Arendt, Feminism & the Production of Matter

2:00 PM   Author(s): *Myra J Hird (Oxford) – Queen’s University

Abstract Title: Subtending Relations: Bacteria, Geology, and the Possible

*Stephanie Clare – Syracuse University

Abstract Title: Locating the Anthropocene: Earth System Science meets Feminist Philosophy

2:20 PM   Author(s): *Susan Ruddick – University of Toronto

Abstract Title: In Pursuit of the Common: Rethinking Biopotenza in the age of the Anthropocene

2:40 PM   Author(s):

*Arun Saldanha – University of Minnesota – Minneapolis

Abstract Title: a queerer universe: communism, speculative realism, and the end of man

Session 3 (3:20 PM – 5:00 PM)

Chair: Jessica Lehman, University of Minnesota

3:20 PM   Author(s): *Yvette Granata, Phd Student – SUNY Buffalo, Department of Media Study

Abstract Title: Disturbed Plant-Thinking: A Feminist Field Guide to Wild Urban Plant-Thought

3:40 PM   Author(s): *Bogna M. Konior – Hong Kong Baptist University – Kowloon

Abstract Title: The necessity of redefining personhood: shamanic geophilosophies

4:00 PM   Author(s): *Fuad Ali – University of Greenwich

Abstract Title: Decolonising Climate Change from afar: The Duriana Climate Summit Delegation

4:20 PM   Author(s): *Emma Gaalaas Mullaney – The Pennsylvania State University

Abstract Title: Maíz, Desmadre: Social Difference, Biodiversity, and the Creolization of the Anthropocene

4:40 PM   Author(s): *Lauren A. Rickards – RMIT University

Abstract Title: Gendering the geo: who is speaking?

Session 4 (5:20 PM – 7:00 PM)

Chair: Rory Rowan, University of Zurich

5:20 PM   Author(s): *Deborah Dixon – University of Glasgow

Abstract Title: Touching Earth: Of Landfill Futures and Melancholic Phenologies

Changed to: Skeleton Woman

5:40 PM   Author(s): *Edia Connole –

Abstract Title: The Language of Flowers: Why the Anthropocene is a Bloody Mess

6:00 PM   Author(s): *Christina L. McPhee – independent visual and media artist http://christinamcphee.net

Abstract Title: Seismic Shards

6:20 PM  : Discussion

*Gill Park – University of Leeds

Abstract title: I emerge untamed and shake myself free

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