RGS-IBGS Race, Culture & Equality Group invites session proposals

I am forwarding our call from the Race, Culture and Equality Working Group. Our website and mailing list are now also up. We will soon begin distributing roles, so if anyone is interested in becoming involved in areas such as teaching, research, outreach, mentoring etc, please get in touch, also with Margaret Byron and Richard Baxter.

“The newly formed Race, Culture and Equality (RACE) working group would like to invite proposals for sessions to be sponsored by RACE at the RGS-IBG annual conference 2016. We are interested in sponsoring proposals that examine race, racism and racial oppression. Sessions can explore research on race, the relationship between race and teaching, or inequality in the geographical discipline. Innovative session formats that attempt to break down the barriers of race are welcomed.

Please email proposals to Richard Baxter (r.baxter@qmul.ac.uk) by 15 January 2016. Submissions should include a title, an abstract (max 250 words), the session format, the number of timeslots requested, and name(s) and affiliation(s) of the session convenor(s). The guidelines for organising sessions can be found here http://tinyurl.com/pdrjfek. We will endeavor to respond to convenors by the end of January 2016.”

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