Global Social Theory – Call for Contributions

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On behalf of the Global Social Theory team (Gurminder Bhambra, Lisa Tilley, Lucy Mayblin, Pat Lockley, Angela Last):

Dear all,

Many of you will already be familiar with the new research and pedagogy resource ‘Global Social Theory’ which is partly inspired by the ‘Why is my curriculum white?’ movement and seeks to build a series of accessible introductions to truly global thinkers, as well as to important concepts and topics.

The site is now widely used as a teaching resource, which is wonderful, but we still need to build up the content in order to keep the project growing.

Many key thinkers have yet to be profiled, including Said, Spivak, Bhabha, Walter Rodney, Chakrabarty, and other prominent scholars. However, we would also like many more entries on thinkers who have not been canonised in Western scholarship, or who work through registers other than academic texts, such as music, poetry or fiction.

Otherwise, many key concepts and topics have yet to be covered including, land, labour, freedom, space, sovereignty, subjectivity, violence, security, and so on.

So, please do get in touch with me (or one of the other editors) if you would like to contribute a summary of a concept, topic or thinker. Entries have ranged from shorter 300 word summaries to more detailed 900 word overviews, but each entry includes ‘Essential Readings’ ‘Further Readings’ and some key ‘Questions’ which are very useful in a classroom setting.

Finally, and on behalf of the GST team, I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2016!

All my best,



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