DIY Cultures 2017 festival: Zines, Artists’ Books and Comics

Illustration by Sofia Niazi

12pm – 7pm
Sunday 14 May
Rich Mix
35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road
London E1 6LA

(nearest stop: Shoreditch High Street Overground)

DIY Cultures fair is back for its 5th year on Sunday 14th May to takeover all 4 floors of Rich Mix. DIY Cultures is an annual day festival exploring intersections of art and activism, running since 2013. The programme consists of a zine fair, exhibitions, workshops, contemporary craft, panel discussions, comic illustration, video art and digital animation exploring DIY practice. The event has established itself as a leading national forum for artists-run initiatives and alternative publishing. The event distinguishes itself by by its commitment to Black and people of colour empowerment and centralising marginalised histories and subcultures such as neurodiversity, diaspora stories, prisoner solidarity, radical mental health and Muslim communities under the War on terror.

This year’s event is bigger than ever with more than 90 stalls showcasing the best in independent publishing and stands as Rich Mix’s most-attended event of the year. The festival extends to a 4 week exhibition DIY Knowledge running from 3rd May until 2nd June in Lower Cafe Gallery. The curators have commissioned outdoor art, interactive animation and architectural collective Involve to make a communal table.

This years highlights include:

+ New film commission on how zines helped Hillsborough justice before the mainstream media (with archival collection of Liverpool zines under under Thatcher)

+ Zines East Africa showcase how DIY Culture influence spread to Africa with Zines from Tanzania & Uganda exhibition display

+ OOMK Malaysia self-publishing project

+ Book launch of Shy Radicals : the Antisystemic politics of the militant introvert – described as “the Black Panthers of the introvert-class” by DIY Culture co-founder Hamja Ahsan

+ Life-size clay sculpture of Theresa May by May Ayres

+ Longtable on Neurodiversity with Daniel Olivier & Guiliane Kinouni

+ Chicago as DIY Cultures twin city with a collection

+ Artist taxi driver on new BREXIT movie BREXSHIT

+ Kevin Sampson of Hillsborough Voice on learning from the Thatcher era

+ Reclaim Holloway on turning criminal justice into social justice + a live broadcast soapbox run by Clapham Film Unit

+ Autism arts reconsidered with Paul Wady’s Guerilla Aspies & Shaun May

DIY Knowledge exhibition – Lower Café Gallery (3rd May to 2nd June)

DIY Knowledge is a multimedia group exhibition that explores DIY Cultures ongoing concerns with self-education, information and news beneath the mainstream, imparting knowledge from margins. The exhibition will feature short film, comics, infographics, digital art and zine archival collections. It features 6 new commissions.

Artists: Leila Abdelrazaq (Chicago), Gemma Anderson, Sang Mun

Collectives: Keep It Complex, Antiuniversity, Bookstop Sanaa Art Library & Creative Learning Space (Tanzania), Temporary Services (Chicago), Turn Your PHD into a zine (Performed by Nina Power), Other Asias (toybox lexicon)


Day Festival Timetable

Talks Panels – Main Stage

1:00pm Theresa May & the Others

2.30pm Shy, Autistic, Introvert Resistance and Identity

4:00pm BREXIT: Creative DIY responses 5.30pm Detention & Deportation & Prisoner Solidarity

Participatory Longtable (Upstairs in Venue 1 Theatre – 4th floor)

4.30pm Neurodiversity Long table (Daniel Olivier, Guiliane Kinouni, Shaun May of Autism Arts Festival)

Workshops – Venue 1 Theatre – 4th floor

1:30pm Working the phones – Jamie Woodcock

1:30pm Origami mandala cards – Origami 4 Fun

2:30pm Hip Hop Garden – May Project Gardens

2:30pm Cognitive Workshop – Lauren Baxter

3:30pm Create a pop up disobedient exhibition – Clara Palliard (PCS union Culture Group, using examples from Disabled People Against Cuts, BP-or-not-BP)

3:30pm Black Arts Magazines with Stuart Hall Library

Film and Animation programme – Venue 2 – 4th floor

Byba Dolby Sakula, Map Squad, Kahori Kamiya, Stacy Bias, Ursula Pelczar, Gio Lingao, Beth Sabey, Rozine Jahfar, Duncan Poulton, Daniel Wechsler, Sharmaine Kwan, Mab Jones & Alex Taylor, R.L. Wilson, Jordan Antonowicz-Behnan, Barnie Emma, Tito Aderemi-Ibitola, Jose Saravia

Day festival art commissions:

Communal zine table commission: Involve

Interactive art commission: “Run to Run” by Hannah Whittaker

Outdoor commission: “State of the Nation Digital Soap Box” by Clapham Film Unit

Prep-Up – Camberwell MA Visual Arts: Book Arts exhibition – Venue 2 – 4th floor

Zine Fair Exhibitors: Come and browse over 90 exhibitors’ stalls and buy original publications direct from the artists.”

For a list of exhibitors, please visit the official website.


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