Mutable Matter on Curved Radio again

Image by fellow Curved Radio crew member Olivia Louvel

Curved Radio is back from their (Australian) summer break, and I’m going to be joining them next Sunday at 11pm – Monday 2am Sydney time (about 12-3pm Sunday UK time). Am doing a mini series around borders, starting with tunes by Latin American feminist musicians. For the moment, leaving you with this brilliant collaboration:


Cage Rattling Events @ King’s Place

Overpopulation and Art (1992) by John Cage from Julie Lazar on Vimeo.

Thanks to another musician friend, Fari B, the ‘Cage Rattling’ series has been brought to my attention. Put together by contemporary music magazine The Wire and curators including Resonance FM‘s Richard Thomas, the three events focus on the political aspects and potential of John Cage’s work. I am unspeakably thrilled that about this emphasis, as I have been taking Cage’s work as a starting point for my creative engagements with the new Anthropocene project.

Tonight, the series kicks off with a mixture of sonic adventures and discussions of synthetic biology.

Here is a list of events:

Cage Ratting #1: Kill Switch

Monday, 29 October 2012 – 8:00pm / Hall Two; £12.50

‘The evening will include talks from artists, synthetic biologists, political activists and former Cage associates discussing biological experimentation, bio-politics, social ecology, anarchist concepts of urban space, utopian Spanish communities and much more. There will be music too, from three ensembles and three soloists performing original works from open scores constructed solely from the notes C, A, G and E or the equivalent frequency values in Hz and Khz.’

Cage Rattling #2: Echo of Nothing

Monday, 5 November 2012 – 8:00pm / Hall Two; £12.50

‘The title of the second installment of Cage Rattling comes from Cage’s line, “Every something is an echo of nothing”, and is used here to underline Cage’s influence on non-musicians – from post-punk DIY operatives and electronica refugees, to Improv outsiders and the denizens of basement Noise jamz.’ (…) ‘All the performances, live and on tape, will riff on Cage’s use of chance elements as composing tools, as well as amplifying his subversive sense of humour and his use of elements copped from dada and the Theatre of the Absurd.’

Cage Ratting #3: Querido John

Monday, 12 November 2012 – 8:00pm / Hall Two; £12.50

‘The title of the final installment of Cage Rattling refers to an exchange between Cage and the Basque artist Esther Ferrer, known for her radical one-person conceptual exercises.’ (…) ‘This evening will feature a number of meditations and performances that take off from this correspondence, including a live improvisation by Bridget Hayden and Kelly Jayne Jones on slide guitar, flute and throat mic; a specially commissioned text by Emma Hedditch and Mattin; a new reading in his series “…for single mothers” by visual artist and designer Will Holder; a new spoken word tape work by artist Charlotte Prodger; and a new performance by composer and musician Verity Susman.’

All events are taking place at King’s Place, 90 York Way, King’s Cross, London, N1 9AG.
Box Office on 020 7520 1490. Website: