Update: Experimental Ruins & Public Engagement

Sorry about the on-going silence. Am currently in the last few weeks of writing my thesis, which proves to be a very immersive process. In the meantime, I have been at a workshop on ‘Experimental Ruins’ at UCL, organised by geographer Gail Davies and artists Neal White and Steve Rowell. The workshop was an opportunity to brainstorm ideas about experimentation and the relationship between geography, art and science. More about this in the near future…

Something else I thought readers may be interested in is the latest ScienceWise newsletter, which features a few interesting interviews. One is with mathematician Marcus Du Sautoy, in which he discusses his wishes for future science engagement. Amongst other things he would like people to get involved in ‘doing science’ and ‘get their hands messy’. Another interview is with Pippa Hyam, one of the directors of ‘Dialogue by Design’. She talks about motivations for engaging publics and emphasises that new public engagement ‘tools’ should be used meaningfully.
There is also a new report that has come out about ‘Widening Public Involvement in Dialogue’, which can be downloaded for free!