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In this section, I will be uploading pdfs of current and past work from geography, fashion and art, including research projects, presentations and lectures. Some of these still need to be digitalised or compressed, so please check back if what you are looking for is not available yet.


Apostropher L’Apocalypse: Caribbean Geopoetics and the Anthropocene
Presentation for RITA seminar ‘Imagining Caribbean Futures’ at the University of Birmingham. Organised by Patricia Noxolo, Adunni Adams and James Owen Heath.

Fruit of the cyclone: A Caribbean proposal on how to deal with the nonhuman in postcolonial geography
Presentation for the RGS-IBG Annual Conference in London, 28 August 2014.

Review of Body and Soul by Alondra Nelson on Society & Space Open Site

One in Other Presentation for the Anthropocene Feminism Conference, Center for 21st Century Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 12 April 2014.

My WomanTheory Story: Simone Weil. WomanTheory (blog).

Review of Ariel’s Ecology by Monique Allewaert on Society & Space Open Site

‘400ppm – Passing a new world threshold? Society & Space (blog).

PhD Thesis ‘Mutable Matter’ (2010) – 7 MB

Several entries on the Global Social Theory website (on-going).

Mutable Matter practitioner handbook
(Version 1, 14 February 2012) – 4.5 MB

Materiality and Space lecture (2011)

“Less a juncture to control than an adventure to be had” – Working with Michel Serres and Mikhail Bakhtin (essay pdf – 2005)

The Animal Lab – An experimental public engagement with genetic engineering (2006, forthcoming)

DIY City Branding for UCL Urban Laboratory’s Cities Methodologies 2012

Sounds Like Detroit (2012) podcast & film for the Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Culture and Representation (MODCaR)

Fashion & Art

Mutation (ebooklet, 2003) – 7.7 MB

The Unknown Is As Real As The Known And Should Be Made To Look So (2002, PREVIEW of ebook) – 9 MB

Can Fashion Be Sustainable? (2001, ebook) – 10.3 MB

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